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Location & Hours

The Beeswing is nestled in the lush urban garden at KAMPUS, offering a cosy bar and dining area, as well as a sun-drenched wine terrace. Our operating hours are from Monday to Friday, 12pm to 10pm, and Saturday to Sunday, 12pm to 11pm. Fill in the form below or email us at

To access the Beeswing, use the stairs or the lift in the Kampus gardens to the first floor terrace.

Opening Hours

Monday - Closed

Tuesday - 4pm-10pm

Wednesday - 4pm-10pm

Thursday - 4pm-11:30pm

Friday - 4pm-11:30pm

Saturday - 1pm-11:30pm

Sunday - 1pm-9pm

During our opening hours, you can also call us on 07510 237674.

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